Playable demo, still in development!

Press Enter to start, move around with arrow keys or wasd, shoot with space bar.

Source code and assets available here:


Download 94 kB

Development log


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hey there! this is a solid attempt. from a gameplay perspective there's a few things i would call your attention to. for one, the shark you control has very loose controls, which doesn't feel good in a game where you need to be accurate. the projectiles you shoot are also very small, and combined with the previous it feels very difficult to aim. finally, when enemies get shot there's no impact, they just disappear without a trace, which makes it feel dissatisfying or even confusing to take them down.

good luck in the future! i hope you keep it up

Wow, thanks a lot for giving it a try and posting suggestions!

I'm aware of the controls being sloppy, and I'm planning on improving on them, but I don't know how to code proper controls yet.

I'm still learning how to do animations, but I'll try adding basic "poof" when an enemy is killed as a placeholder so it doesn't feel confusing.

Thanks again for your kind post, really appreciate it. I'm continuing to work on this game and posting updates in its devlog if you're interested.