Getting (a bit) better at pixel art

Hello Internet!

Sorry for taking so long to post an update, I'm still working on this game!

Been doing lots of pixel art, almost daily (my goal is doing at least 1hr a day, every day).

Really getting the hang of GrafX2, and enjoying working with it quite a bit. I needed to download the latest WIP version from gitlab and compile it to get it running better (version 2.4, available from homebrew, is a tad slow).

Anyway, I've worked on making a reduced set of tiles, and will go for a plain-color background.

That will probably be the only tileset I'll work with.

I also started work on a couple of enemies. I'll try to make enemies "die" like in Sonic: a friendly animal is released from a robotic prison :-P

Anyway, I hope to be able to work on this more consistently and post here more often.

Thanks for reading!

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