Developed May 5-June 16, 2019 at Gamkedo Club.

Implemented initial prototype and led project, created game enemies sprites and programming, added multiple level support, improved ball trail effect, implemented level editor, created frozen paddle and bricks sprites, authored "Ice delight" level, created credits roll screen, implemented boss battle stage: Gonzalo Delgado

Implemented brick hit multisound, automated increasing gameplay music play rate with level progression, balanced music volume, created pitch-shifted collision sounds, implemented and enhanced background music, created level complete sound effect, created multiball spawn sound effect, created pitch-shifted paddle jump sound effect, created power pill sounds (stick, shrink, stretch, freeze, points, magnet, ghost, jump), created power pill swallow sound effects, created wiz enemy sound effects, tweaked multiball power up, implemented buses for audio volume control, voiced letter pills, randomized gameplay background music, created magnet pill sprite: Stebs

Created brick easing effect on level load, improved level loading, implemented jump power pill, fixed infinite stretch/shrink bug, implemented new level and game over pill powers logic, added death key, authored level 4, implemented invader brick movement, created invader movement sound effects, programmed detection of active power up, enhanced demo screen, improved ball-paddle interactions, implemented accelerate ball power pill, bugfixed sound creation code, implemented debug ball mode, improved sticky ball power pill, narrowed ball serve angle, bugfixed invading brick-ball collision, added paddle wobble effect, improved paddle googly eyes, animated game over screen, improved ice enemy slide state: Terrence McDonnell

Implemented animated pause screen, created pause screen bricks sprites, created shrink power pill sprite, created elevate power pill sprite, created accelerate power pill sprite, created jump power pill sprite, added high score display, implemented sticky ball power-up, added random ball angle after collision, created ball collisions sound effects, game over sound effect, life lost sound effect, letter pills sprites, letter (GAMKEDO) pills, demo/attract mode implementation, color text helper function, game over screen implementation, implemented window focus lock, created hat pill sprite: Vince McKeown

Created paddle's blinking googly eyes, created ball motion blur trail effect, created brick hit shine effect, added game browser title, created animated plasma backgrounds, co-implemented multiball, improved GUI, colored GAMKEDO letter pills, revamped title screen, championed invaders mode as main gameplay idea, bugfixed game over screen, added controller and touchscreen support, increased background sound layers, mobile screen support, added turbo mode (for internal use): Christer "McFunkypants" Kaitila

Refactored brick code, fixed letters and font glitches, improved demo mode, crated velocity-altering brick types, improved ball-paddle gameplay, added level editor delete brick key, implemented level editor undo/redo, implemented volume adjustment controls, added credits screen access from title screen: H Trayford

Added extra life power-up (art and code), improved shrink power pill, authored level 5, authored "Roses" level, bugfixed ball-brick collisions, authored "Blimp" level, added boss defeated score bonus: Cyriel De Neve

Implemented mute game key, implemented multiball, fixed restart bug: Brian Nielsen

Created boss battle music, created title screen music, created gameplay music (x3), balanced music volume: Alan Zaring

Authored game over song, created menu sound effects, created brick hit steel sound effect, created bullet sprite for gun power up, created credits/game over music, converted power up sound effect to MP3: Jeff "Axphin" Hanlon

Authored "Volcano" level, created gun power up, with fire sprite, added change brick button to level editor: Bilal A. Cheema

Implemented magnet pill: Michelly Oliveira

Adjusted ball speed, improved paddle stretch power up: Tyler Funk

Authored "Hands-On Intro to Game Programming" book, set git repository up for project, compiled credits: Chris DeLeon

Release date Jun 16, 2019
AuthorGonzalo Delgado
Tags2D, Arcade, gamkedo, Singleplayer
Average sessionA few seconds
AccessibilityOne button
LinksCommunity, Soundtrack, Source code

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